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The Swizzle Stool as a portable ergonomic setting device that can be used as a meditation bench, yoga prop or easy to transport stool, and can support anyone weighing 300 pounds or less.

While everyone knows that both meditation and yoga offer great rewards for efforts expended, convenience, knowledge and physical limitations have always been barriers to the abundant rewards attainable by getting involved in the yogic life style. Low back pain, spinal compression and pain, can make everyday task unbearable. The thought of trying to meditate or set on a hard surface for long periods of time is enough to stop many from even attempting a yoga workout.  Additionally most cushions, props and seating devices require large amounts of storage space with few multi use options.

 The Solution:

Swizzle Stool is a compact, light weight, portable, easy to use ergonomic seat, mediation stool and yoga prop that aids in core building, spinal alignment and comfort. Weighing less than five pounds, it folds easily and can stack over a dozen units below a desk, using less than one square foot of floor space. While designed for meditation, it’s comfort and ease of use make it perfect for a light relaxing workout while watching TV or listening to your favorite tunes. The Swizzle Stools ergonomic design protects the spine and sacral area by allowing them to float and move freely. By grounding the thigh bone, knees and back of the feet, the core is free to oscillate, stretch and strengthen.

While there are other similar type products on the market that have only dented the market, none have as many features and benefits as the Swizzle Stool.


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